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Fresh hops can only be used for brewing within a few hours after harvesting. We use a new method developed by hop farmer Martin Schmailzl from the Hallertau, which makes it possible to brew with fresh, wet hops all year round. Green Wet Hop – a revolution in beer brewing.

The juicy green, not dried hops contain the full hop aroma of the fresh, ripe hop cones. It brings the typical green hop character and a well-rounded, noble bitterness to the beer.

Brewing a real, original Pilsner has become a rarity – with whole hops, as well as wet, not dried hops, in open fermentation and traditional bottle conditioning. This results in a fantastically crisp, classic drink which you can hardly find anywhere else today.

With Insel Pilsner we are reviving the old Pilsner brewing method. This means more finesse and a distinct hop flavour with hints of herbs and fine floral nuances. The traditional bottle conditioning keeps the hop flavour fresh and long-lasting.

The result is an unfiltered, traditional Pilsner beer full of character and with a distinct Northern German elegant bitterness. The first Pilsner beer brewed according to this method.

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