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New, innovative brewing method

Master Brewer Frank Lucas and the brewery founder Markus Berberich have come up with a new, innovative brewing method for alcohol-free beer.

The sophisticated, highly complex interplay of the individual elements generates the captivating taste which doesn’t suffer from the absence of alcohol.

Natural hops cones
for the sophisticated hop bitterness and the enchanting bouquet
The alcohol-free beers are also brewed using natural hops. Whole cones are added to the brewing kettle. This enables us to produce the best bitterness with the finest bouquet and long-lasting quality using the most natural brewing method.
A fresh distillation process
for the full beer flavour
The innovative fresh distillation process at temperatures under 35 °C is extremely gentle and preserves the typical flavour of the beer style. The intensive aromas are protected and the authentic character of the beer style is preserved. The result is an alcohol-free beer with an unadulterated mouthfeel typical for beer and a captivating flavour.
Fermentation carbonic dioxide, derived from the respective beer
for the intensive, true-to-type taste
The carbonic acid, full of character and derived from the respective beer, is collected during the fermentation process and returned to the dealcoholized beer, untreated and unfiltered. Thus the beer’s individual, natural bouquet remains unchanged, and the character of every beer style is preserved.
Bottle conditioning
for long-lasting freshness
Genuine bottle conditioning, also for alcohol-free beer, according to the traditional method. The beers receive a dose of wort and a second vital yeast and ripen in the temperature-controlled ripening chamber at 18-25°C. The result is an alcohol-free beer with long-lasting, prickling freshness and captivating flavour.
The bottle conditioning ensures that there is no oxygen in the filled bottle, and in combination with the natural paper as light protection, guarantees the special, long-lasting freshness of our alcohol-free beers.

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By the way, the alcohol-free, rare beers are brewed with the full original gravity, untreated and unfiltered, without halted fermentation, and without foreign carbonic dioxide.